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Nathan Brody Intensive Outpatient Program at Horizons

Addiction is a progressive, chronic, potentially fatal disease afflicting over 15 million people in this country. At least four times that many – family, friends, and co-workers – also suffer the consequences of addiction. Alcoholism and drug addictions have no preference for sex, race, age, social standing, geography, or religion. The Nathan Brody Program at Horizons offers an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program for substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders. It provides the client the opportunity to maintain family structure and employment throughout the course of the recovery program.

The Nathan Brody Program at Horizons is a named in memory of its founder, Dr. Nathan Brody. A tireless advocate, Dr. Brody was a pioneer in the field of alcohol treatment until his death in 1977.

Program Features

The Nathan Brody Program accepts most insurance plans and ATR funds. Sliding fee scale available.

Phase I

Phase II